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Argh! I can’t tell who’s actually a good therapist before booking!

Need to look for a “massage near me”, but all you see are unhelpful results from Groupon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc?  Doesn’t it stress you out that you can’t quickly compare pricing, reviews, star rating, location and more on one page? 

Even when you find an article that says “best massage clinics in X city”, chances are the article does not give the reasons WHY that business is on that list!  Honestly, we really don’t like “surface level” research.

To date, we carry the only consolidated research database to help you quickly find a massage therapist nearby.

Factors We Review to Find that “Massage Therapist Near Me”

Our team has spent countless hours trying to consolidate and evaluate everything about massage therapy so clients don’t have to! We look at a host of criteria such as:

  • Massage therapy location
  • Whether the listing is serviced by an RMT or non-RMT
  • Star Ratings
  • Pricing
  • Business Reviews
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Locations We’ve Examined

Click on any of the locations below to see a list of relevant and “best of” research we’ve already done for your city. We try to research topics like what the best couple massage packages are nearby, spa packages near you, or what are the most “value-oriented” massage therapy locations.


Some of the Topics We’ve Covered

We think about our audience’s needs and try to research topics that a lot of our users care about.

The different types of massage treatments:

  • Swedish massage – uses gentle and relaxing strokes that are great for beginners
  • Hot Stone massage – uses hot stones in conjunction with Swedish massage
  • Aromatherapy massage – uses special oils with mood soothing scents such has Lemongrass or Lavender in conjunction with muscle therapy
  • Deep Tissue massage – uses pressure to target deeper layers of muscle tissue
  • Reflexology massage – uses targeted application of pressure to specific areas of the hands and feet called “reflex zones” / “reflexology points”
  • Shiatsu massage – a Japanese type of massage using pulsing and rhythmic pressure
  • Sports massage – for injury from repetitive muscle use or future injury prevention
  • Trigger Point massage – uses broad, flowing strokes combined with pressure to relieve trigger points
  • Thai massage – uses massage and yoga to stretch the body in various positions
  • Couples massage – enjoy the full benefits and relaxation with a partner, friend, or family member
  • Prenatal massage – a unique experience couples can share and celebrate together that takes into account a woman’s body during pregnancy
  • Chair massage – A specially designed massage chair that focuses on your neck, shoulders, and back
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You may have arrived on one of our Massaji pages because you performed a search for:

  • “Where can I get a massage near me?”
  • RMT near me
  • Massage nearby
  • Spa massage near me
  • Massage spa near me
  • Massage places near me
  • Registered massage therapist near me
  • Massage clinic near me open now
  • Massage therapy near me
  • RMT massage near me
  • Massage therapist near me
  • Massagers near me

We’ve done these same searches too, so if you want to find some articles relevant to the city you live in, click your city above to see articles like:

  • The 5 Best Couples Massage in Toronto at Every Price Point
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And If You’re Ready to Book

Get better massage therapy results with Massaji’s booking platform. Find safe and professional service providers and book an appointment with the best massage services and offerings in town!